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Home Security Systems Medford Oregon

At SOS Alarm, no job is too small or large. Our consultants will discuss your specific needs until we come to a solution you’re happy with. To speak to one of our expert consultants today, give us a call at 541-507-9084.

▣ Systems start at just $8 per week!

diagram of SoS Alarm home security systems in medford oregon

About SOS Alarm

Having protected homes, families, and businesses since 1968, SOS Alarm offers custom security systems as a locally owned and operated business. With a 100% local staff of trained professionals, our monitoring facility in Southern Oregon is the only UL Certified Central Station, and none of our services are outsourced. These consultants are educated and current on Oregon OLCC and OMMP licensing regulations so that our services are guaranteed to meet or exceed those expectations. SOS Alarm is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our Medford, Oregon customers.


SOS provides consultation, custom security system design, and installation services of state-of-the-art technology so that in the event of a burglar alarm signal, our team responds quickly to you, as well as the local Medford law enforcement. Because the security of your home is our top priority, we monitor for not only burglary, but fire, water leaks, extreme changes in temperature, and more.

Home Security Systems Medford Oregon

diagram of SoS Alarm custom home security systems in medford oregon


SOS Alarms is staffed 24/7 by trained professionals, using state-of-the-art technology to deliver a fast response to your home security monitoring needs. When a burglar alarm signal is received from your home, SOS acts quickly to respond to both you and the police.

Using the UltraSync™ Self-Contained Hub, you can control your door locks, lighting, thermostat and more. The integrated smart home hub is from the UltraSync Series of smart security products by Interlogix®, featuring simple installations, programming and control from the wireless security panel. It also comes standard with a built-in web browser and a Z-Wave radio, which allows users to use their iOS® and Android® devices either at home or while away to control Z-Wave lights, thermostats, and locks.

Medford Oregon Surveillance

SOS Alarm offers affordable design and installation of custom video surveillance as part of our home security systems. CCTV options give you the ability to view and archive footage remotely from your computer, smartphone, or internet connected device. Our robust and maintenance-free cameras include an alarm function, microphone and speaker integration, and event-controlled room recording. Utilizing digital continuous zooming and panning, you can view images from four different angles simultaneously with quad view, or complete panorama for access control.

About Our “Home Security Systems Medford Oregon” Location

Our consultants can design a specific solution for your requirements based on your needs and concerns. Home security systems in Medford, Oregon start at just $8 per week. You can rest assured knowing your property and belongings are protected by SOS Alarm. Our name is trusted, our systems are proven, and we are always prepared.


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