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Commercial Security Systems

At SOS Alarm, no job is too small or large. Our consultants will discuss your specific needs until we come to a solution you’re happy with. To speak to one of our expert consultants today, give us a call at 1-866-767-2527

▣ Systems start at just $8 per week!

diagram of SoS Alarm commercial security systems

About SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm is a local family-owned and operated business offering consultation, security system design, and installation services. Protect your business investments, track products, manage energy consumption, reduce liabilities, meet or exceed OLCC and OMMP licensing regulations, and secure commercial properties with SOS Alarm state-of-the-art solutions.


It is our primary goal to keep our customers and their businesses or properties safe, and so that is why SOS is the top choice for commercial security systems. As a 100% locally owned business, we are dedicated to protecting other commercial ventures and owners in Oregon like you.

Commercial Security Systems

diagram of SoS Alarm custom commercial security systems


If you are in need of a complete custom designed and installed video surveillance systems, our affordable options are guaranteed to fulfill any need for your commercial property or business.

CCTV access control features include an alarm function, continuous digital pan and zoom, complete panorama view capability, as well as quad view, which shows four different angles simultaneously. There is also the option for direct recording into the camera controlled by room events, an internal alarm function, speaker and microphone integration. Our cameras are robust and maintenance-free because there are no mechanically-moving parts.

More Info: 1-866-767-2527

Our consultants are always kept current on the latest state licensing regulations, and are happy to discuss your needs to best design the right security system for you and your business. For a free security evaluation or consultation, call us today at 1-866-767-2527.

Access Control

Convenience Features That Really Pay Off

Your integrated system can automatically report office or store opening and closing times, staff arrival times, and sensor activation times. Set the system to allow access for cleaning crews and other service providers without having to worry about setting off a security alarm. The integrated access control function disarms security sensors automatically.


The Key to the Future is an Electronic

Access Control System integrated with your Alarm System.

One-Credential Access Control Systems

Traditional systems require users to present a card for access and then to disarm security with a keypad code once inside. Our integrated solutions handle both in one step by initiating authorization, door activation, and security disarming with a single credential.

Video Surveillance


Powerful Performance in Complete Video Solutions

  • Complete panorama view, ideal for access control
  • Quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously
  • Digital, continuous zooming and panning
  • Robust and maintenance-free, without mechanically moving parts
  • Event-controlled, complete room recording directly in the camera (4 GB MicroSD card incl.)
  • Alarm function, speaker and microphone integrated

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