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Commercial Systems

SOS Alarm provides state of the art solutions to all of your commercial security needs.

  • Protect Investments
  • Track Products
  • Reduce Liabilities
  • Meet Regulations
  • Secure Properties

Intrusion Detection

The UltraSync™ Self-Contained Hub offers a simple security solution for any business.

UltraSync™ Self-Contained Hub, part of the UltraSync Series of smart security products by Interlogix®, is the first wireless security panel to feature a built-in web browser, offering simple installations, programming and control. The UltraSync Self-Contained Hub comes standard with a Z-Wave® radio, allowing users to control Z-Wave lights, thermostats and locks at home or away via the UltraSync™ mobile application available for iOS®  and Android®  devices.

Interlogix’s UltraSync SmartHome system uses pre-set schedules, geo location and remote system management to help users manage energy consumption.

The UltraSync™ Self-Contained Hub Protects Against Intrusion

Reporting a crime after it’s happened does your business no good. Protect your company against burglary,before it happens with SOS Alarms intrusion detection system.

SOS Alarms offers complete security systems for your business which can be configured to meet various levels of protection at very affordable monthly monitoring fees. One thing you can always count on is fast response time,and impeccable customer service.

Access Control

Convenience Features That Really Pay Off

Your integrated system can automatically report office or store opening and closing times, staff arrival times, and sensor activation times. Set the system to allow access for cleaning crews and other service providers without having to worry about setting off a security alarm. The integrated access control function disarms security sensors automatically.


The Key to the Future is an Electronic

Access Control System integrated with your Alarm System.

One-Credential Access Control Systems

Traditional systems require users to present a card for access and then to disarm security with a keypad code once inside. Our integrated solutions handle both in one step by initiating authorization, door activation, and security disarming with a single credential.

Video Surveillance


Powerful Performance in Complete Video Solutions

  • Complete panorama view, ideal for access control
  • Quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously
  • Digital, continuous zooming and panning
  • Robust and maintenance-free, without mechanically moving parts
  • Event-controlled, complete room recording directly in the camera (4 GB MicroSD card incl.)
  • Alarm function, speaker and microphone integrated

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